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Search porn sites and filter the results using regular expressions
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pornsieve::search_result::item Struct Reference

A single search result item. More...

#include <search.hpp>

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Public Attributes

string title
 Title of the video/picture. More...
string description
 Description of the video/picture. More...
string url
 URL of the video/picture. More...
std::chrono::seconds duration {}
 Duration of the video in seconds. More...
vector< string > tags
 Tags associated with the video/image. More...
vector< string > thumbnails
 URLs of thumbnails. More...
float rating {0}
 Rating in percent. More...
uint64_t views {0}
 Number of views. More...
time_point date
 Date the video/picture was published. More...

Detailed Description

A single search result item.


Member Data Documentation

◆ date

time_point pornsieve::search_result::item::date

Date the video/picture was published.

◆ description

string pornsieve::search_result::item::description

Description of the video/picture.

◆ duration

std::chrono::seconds pornsieve::search_result::item::duration {}

Duration of the video in seconds.

◆ rating

float pornsieve::search_result::item::rating {0}

Rating in percent.

◆ tags

vector<string> pornsieve::search_result::item::tags

Tags associated with the video/image.

◆ thumbnails

vector<string> pornsieve::search_result::item::thumbnails

URLs of thumbnails.

◆ title

string pornsieve::search_result::item::title

Title of the video/picture.

◆ url

string pornsieve::search_result::item::url

URL of the video/picture.

◆ views

uint64_t pornsieve::search_result::item::views {0}

Number of views.

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