xdgcfg  0.4.1
xdgcfg Documentation

xdgcfg is a very simple wrapper around libconfig written in C++. It reads and writes files in ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}. It creates subdirectories if necessary.


xdgcfg.hpp has explanatory comments in it and there is an example. The reference is also available at doc.schlomp.space/xdgcfg/.

Use it in your CMake project like this:

find_package(xdgcfg CONFIG REQUIRED)
target_link_libraries(MyProject xdgcfg::xdgcfg)

If you don't use CMake, you can get the compile-flags with pkg-config:

pkg-config --libs --cflags xdgcfg



Add my repository and install it from there.

eselect repository enable tastytea
echo "dev-cpp/xdgcfg" >> /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords/xdgcfg
emaint sync -r tastytea
emerge -a dev-cpp/xdgcfg

From source



mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
cmake --build .
make install

CMake options