pornsieve  0.0.0
Search porn sites and filter the results using regular expressions
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helpers.hpp File Reference

Helper functions. More...

#include <chrono>
#include <string>
#include <string_view>
#include <vector>
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 The namespace containing the pornsieve library.


using pornsieve::time_point = std::chrono::system_clock::time_point
 In this lib we use the system clock for our time points. More...


vector< string > pornsieve::json_to_vector (string_view json, string_view key)
 Converts a JSON array into a vector. More...
std::chrono::seconds pornsieve::string_to_duration (string_view duration_string)
 Converts a duration from string to chrono seconds. More...
time_point pornsieve::string_to_timepoint (string_view time_string)
 Converts a time from string to time_point. More...
string pornsieve::timepoint_to_string (const system_clock::time_point &timepoint, string_view format="%FT%T")
 Return date and time as string in UTC. More...

Detailed Description

Helper functions.