pornsieve  0.0.0
Search porn sites and filter the results using regular expressions
pornsieve Reference

Using the library

Include pornsieve.hpp, which then includes all other headers.

#include <pornsieve/pornsieve.hpp>

Use it in your CMake project like this:

find_package(pornsieve REQUIRED CONFIG)
target_link_libraries(MyProject pornsieve::pornsieve)

Since we use C++17 features in the headers of this library, your program needs to be compiled as C++17 or higher too.


#include <pornsieve/pornsieve.hpp>
int main()
// TODO: Write example.


Each function that may throw an exception will be documented accordingly.

Thread safety

If you are using libcurl with OpenSSL before 1.1.0, please read libcurl-thread(3). Functions that are not thread-safe will be documented accordingly.

The namespace containing the pornsieve library.
Definition: config.hpp:30